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Activities on Sylt
Energy - Experience - Relaxation


There are countless activities on Sylt. Whether you are looking for relaxation, or turbulent action, there is much possible. Whatever you are in the mood for, we will gladly help you with the selection of possibilities, as well as with the booking of the same.

The annual surf regatta on Sylt


The Surfcup, as well as the Kitesurfcup take place every year in Westerland. A colorful mix of surfers, spectators and party guests meet on the Westerland promenade to celebrate "your" sport. Of course, the physical well-being is also provided there.



Windsurfing is a sporting way to deal with the element of water. Standing on a surfboard, one operates a rotating and tilting sail for locomotion. In this way, spectacular maneuvers are possible. Many people rave about this attraction of the interplay of wind and water.

Surf Schule Westerland GmbH (auch Kajak)

Brandenburger Straße 15
25980 Westerland
Tel: 04651 / 27172
Hans Heinicke

rideon Surfschule Sylt

Kiosk Baakdeel
Mobil: 01523 / 1720676
Lennart Jung

Surfschule Südkap Sylt

Strandpromenade 1
25997 Hörnum
Mobil: 0176 / 71817177

Jan's Wassersportschule in List

Mobile Surf-Station



Surfing is the most original of the surf sports. Only with surfboard sporting commitment is required here. You can surf not only off Hawaii, but also off Sylt on the west side of the island.

Kiteschule Sylt)

Philipp Brückmann
Tel.: +49 172 4721748

Surfschule Camp one

Tel.: +49 4651 43375

Sylt Yachting Segelschule

Flughafen Halle 74 Westerland Tel.: +49 4651 8320315

Mizu Sport

Florian Gränert
Tel.: +49 176 23280604



West winds create a wonderful surf off Sylt. Ideal for kitesurfing. You need a board for this sport, similar to a small surfboard and a wind screen, the so-called "kite". The kite works like a stunt kite that you turn into the wind. There are some hotspots on the island where you can see breathtaking jumps.

Syltsurfing Surf- und Segelschule

Bi Heef 4
Tel.: +49 4651 935077

Surfschule Meerspass

Dorfhotel Rantum
Hafenstraße 1
Tel.: +49 4651 46090

Norden Surfschule

Am Strand, Hörnum
Bushaltestelle Möskental/ K4
Tel.: +0173 2001120

Sylter Catamaran Club

Am Hafen
Tel.: +49 160 95937473



Sylt offers four golf courses for every level of play. Of course, equipment is also available.

Golf-Club Sylt e.V.

Norderweg 5
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel: 04651 / 99598 – 10

Marine-Golf-Club e.G.

Flughafen 69
25980 Sylt OT Tinnum
Tel: 04651 / 27172

Golfclub Morsum auf Sylt

Uasterhörn 37
25980 Sylt OT Morsum
Tel: 04651 / 890387

Golfclub Budersand Sylt

Fernsicht 1
25997 Hörnum
Tel: 04651 / 44927 – 10


Golf-Club Sylt e.V.
Norderweg 5
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel: 04651 / 9959810

Youksakka Bow and Funcompany

zwischen Keitum und Tinnum
Am Sportzentrum
Tel: 0177 / 8027309
Peter Berhorst

Horse riding


Horse lovers are also welcome on the island. Whether riding lessons or horseback riding on the beach, even carriage rides are on offer.

Grünhof Sylt

Keitumer-Süderstr. 80
25980 Sylt OT Keitum
Tel: 04651 / 31208
Mobil: 0171 / 4754044

Reitstall Hoffmann

Gurtstieg 46
25980 Sylt OT Keitum
Tel: 04651 / 31563


Ingewai 40
25980 Sylt OT Tinnum
Tel: 04651 / 32906
Mobil: 0172 / 9243092

Reitstall Wiesengrund

Zum Wiesengrund 1
25980 Sylt OT Tinnum
Tel: 04651 / 31600
Mobil: 0171 / 5177544

Reiterhof Lobach

Litjmuasem 16
25980 Sylt OT Morsum
Tel: 04651 / 890239

Feldenkrais, Reiten und Kinderreiten

Terpwai 17
25996 Wenningstedt
Tel: 04651 / 44369



Sylt vacation by bike - a great idea! You will find about 200km of developed bike paths on the island. Especially recommended is the route from Westerland to List along the old "Inselbahntrasse". This leads through the Kampen and Lister dune landscape and offers a fantastic view of "your" island.



The white sport. Outdoor and indoor courts are available on Sylt.

Tennis-Club Westerland

Am Seedeich 38
25980 Sylt OT Westerland
Tel: 04651 / 6729



Whether single or tandem jump! Put yourself in an incomparable situation - treat yourself to this air experience! Skydiving over Sylt combines the jumping experience with the beautiful sight of a unique island.

FSC Sylt - Seventhsky e.V.

Gurstieg 23
25980 Sylt
Tel.: +49 173 216 01 21

Aero Club Sylt (Segelfliegen)

Hans-Jürgen Brodersen
Liiegerhörn 11