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Frisian, rustic - pure nostalgia under thatch.

In the tranquil town of Keitum, you will find Salon 1900. Since 2010, Andre and Lilly Meyerhoff have continued the tradition of the gastronomy family. They have taken over the scepter from Andre's uncle Peter "Stibbi". The new hosts continue the salon with much charm and attention to detail, and want to keep the nostalgic flair.

In April 2017, the family was able to gain a new chef in Ivo Schmal. With his young light cuisine, Mr. Schmal can also convince long-time regulars. With his Nordic-regional dishes, the kitchen has something to offer for every palate. What the daily market has to offer is offered every evening as a recommendation in the salon.

Lilly and Andre, on the other hand, take care of the service, with a lot of skill and their loving nature they always manage to inspire the guests. Therefore, even the little gourmets feel very comfortable with Lilly and her service team.

The creativity of the young boss is also reflected in the setting of festive tables for weddings or family celebrations.

In the summer, the beautifully landscaped terrace offers space for guests to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and one of the homemade cakes to end the afternoon after a walk or a long bike ride.

Of course, from 12:00 noon all dishes and a small lunch menu with constantly changing dishes are also offered.